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I cannot see my web site!

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This is a common comment we make.   When this happens the first thing that customers think is that our server has gone down or something is wrong on our end. However the reality is that often the browser or the local computer is the problem.  If you experience this problem here are the steps you should take prior to contacting us to ensure it is not on your end.

  1. Clear your Browser Cache –  Most of the issues with browsers have to do with a cache that is corrupting the display.  Go ahead and clear your browser cache.  The instructions are here:’s-Cache
  2. Reboot the Computer – Reboot the machine that you are using.

Once you have done this and you still have problems with your website or email then contact us.

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June 14th, 2013 at 12:41 am

Why you may not be able to access your website and email

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Some of our clients email us and tell us they cannot access their emails and website.    The reality of the situation is that the server very rarely goes down for an extended period.  If you are unable to access your website the most likely reason is due to our firewall blocking you out.  For those that do not know what a firewall is, it is a software and / or hardware that is put on the server to protect the server from:

  • Hackers that attempt brute force attacks.  Brute force attacks are done with software and they try using unlimited password combinations to access your website.  Once accessed they will attempt to put phishing software on your server or other malicious code.  This type of attack is very common on the internet.
  • Viruses spread through email and other means

A firewall can easily confuse normal access with a malicious attack as described above and thus end up automatically blocking that particular IP address from further access.  This is why you may not be able to see your website or email.  However accesses from virtually the rest of the internet is available.  If you need urgent access or want to verify that is the case ask a friend or go to a computer at a different location and check if your website is available.  If it is then the problem is that firewall blocking.

How do I unblock myself from the firewall?

In order to do this please visit the following website:

You will find your IP address clearly listed.

  • Send that IP address to us at  support @

Once you do this we will notify our data center and white list your IP ensuring that that IP address is able to access it.  At this point you will be fine.

 Why can’t I access the administration page of WordPress to edit my website?

Please also note that we currently only provide access to the administration page of WordPress to non-public users with whitelisted IP addresses.  What this means is that you cannot access your admin page which logs in to the control panel of WordPress unless you have a whitelisted IP address (see below).  This was implemented to prevent hackers and viruses from spreading.  Our new policy although inconvenient for some, has drastically reduced hacker attacks on our server.

What if I don’t want this security?

If you do not want your site to be protected, we can move your site to a different server that does not have such stringent security protocols.  This will allow you to access all your services with out issue.  The only drawback is that your website will be open to hackers and that risk of attack will be increased.  Although we do have backups of your site it does cause some inconveniences.



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June 2nd, 2013 at 11:41 am