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Create a New Website using Premium WordPress Themes

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Want to create a brand new website from scratch using WordPress?  We have recently partnered with to bring you the latest WordPress designs.  Using their templates we make modifications using your logo, style, fonts and images to make your site look totally unique.   These premium templates cover all types of sites including (click on the links to preview the theme):

  1. Corporate Presence Sites
  2. Restaurants
  3. Portfolio sites for Architects, Photographers and Designers
  4. Shopping Sites
  5. Product Themes

and much much more.  Click here to see the full range of themes available.  For newly established website domains we can setup any of these themes for you for absolutely no charge (for new and existing customers) with any SiteProPlus annual plan!

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June 12th, 2011 at 7:16 am

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New Options for Editing your Website

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As a previous user of SiteProPlus’s previous Content Management System (CMS) for editing your website I need to urgently inform you of the following changes:

  1. The CMS is the software system that previously allowed you to edit your website online.  This SiteProPlus CMS which you previously used was developed more than 5 years ago and was the major cause of the recent crash.  It did not allow for functionality that modern websites use such as handling multimedia, tagging, SEO, plug-ins and much more.  FYI, when we acquired SiteProPlus we knew the system was obselete and were evaluating the best course of action to replace it.

  2. As a current customer you may edit your website through the Cpanel you now have access to.  However the CPanel is not a CMS.  Rather, it is an administration panel that allows you to edit files online.  However because the system is not a CMS but rather a control panel, you cannot do with it what you did with the previous CMS with the same ease of use.  Ideally changing your website requires the use of a software such as Dreamweaver where you can access the source code of the site via FTP (file transfer protocol).  This requires some technical knowledge which most of our valued clients would not have.  If you know how to use a web editor such Dreamweaver obtain your FTP access is the same as your Cpanel access.  Please contact us to obtain this if you don’t have this information.

    Here are possible solutions:

    • If you do infrequent text updates to your site, please send those to us and we can do them for you at no charge as part of our support.
    • If you do frequent changes to your site which require adding pages, editing galleries and more there are two recommended choices:
      • Learn how to use a HTML editor such as Dreamweaver.  The FTP to the site where you can access the site directly is above.  This is how most designers create websites.  We believe very few of you will choose to do this unless you have knowledge or access to a designer.
      • Upgrade of your current site to the WordPress CMS, one of the world’s most popular and powerful CMS systems in the market used by 13% of the top 1M sites.  This CMS is very powerful and far easier to use than any CMS on the market.  Although similar to what you used before with SiteProPlus is far more powerful yet easier to use.   By upgrading you will have use of a CMS that is continually updated and allow you to do what you did before to your website and more! As an example of our existing sites that are already on this platform take a look at:

Originally we were planning on converting every customer to WordPress but the cost of conversion makes this unfeasible.  The conversion is not necessary if your site is infrequently modified.  If you decide that you wish to upgrade, we will partially subsidize the actual cost of conversion of your existing site depending upon the complexity of your existing site making it very nominal for most basic sites.  This conversion to a modern CMS that is constantly upgraded will enable you to maintain the ease of use you had before while working with a solution that allows for a multitude of options.  If you wish to discuss this further please let me know and one of our consultants will contact you.

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March 7th, 2011 at 8:10 am

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